“Napoleon said there’s no such thing as can’t in French. Well as far as I’m concerned, there’s no such thing as can’t in English either. So the next time someone tells you something can’t be done, now you know it can.”




About LP Graphics


LP Graphics has been serving large and small clients in Toronto and formerly in Montreal for many decades.

Printing Services


As a broker we cover all forms of print requirements from small and large digital to lithographic press runs.

Production and Design


We provide additional production, translation and design services


“Personalized service is a hallmark of this company. They listen to my needs and provide solutions meeting all of the deliverables I put before them…”

Some of our Clients

Oxford Properties Group
enVille Event Design & Catering
Rotary Club of Toronto
DGN Marketing


Have a project you want to start?

We can help get your project off the ground, provide best solutions/practices and coordinate delivery, so your projects remains on-time and on-budget.