LP Graphics has been serving large and small clients in Toronto and formerly in Montreal for many decades. As a broker we cover all forms of print requirements from small and large digital to lithographic press runs — again small and large.

One of our strong points is extremely quick turn-around. Due to working with over fifteen manufacturing plants, all of whom are backed-up, we have yet to be without equipment to produce our clients’ projects when they need it. Quality of course is a primary concern and due to our varied background, from actual graphics manufacturing, creative design/planning to sales management, we may not have all the answers but we know where to find them.

Budgets are important and as we purchase all components from the most  qualified, best suited plant our pricing is always competitive. Graphic arts/print has been my occupation and passion for many years and the challenge of turning out work well and on time still excites me.    



We are well connected

Through our network we can arrange for translation, creative file preparation, client approvals and full-colour digital printing on any project.

Our partners

Hume Media Inc.
Belmont Press Ltd.
Fortescue Bindery
SSK Signs



Have a project you want to start?

We can help get your project off the ground, provide best solutions/practices and coordinate delivery, so your projects remains on-time and on-budget.